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Basic Information:

What is your name? Liz
How old are you? basically 10
Where do you live? Borinda
What's your poison? mahaha everclear? :-x
How did you find this community? the_faint :)
What is your sexual preferance? males... parker collins...
What do you think of your mods? 1337!!!!!!!


List 10 or more of your favorite bands:
(+) rilo kiley
(+) the faint
(+) the anniversary
(+) spoooon
(+) belle and sebastian
(+) aphex twin
(+) reggie and the full effect (in fucking full effect)
(+) portishead
(+) mogwai
(+) piebald
(+) koufax
(+) get up kids
etc. etc. etc.
Likes: photography, music, DANCIN
Dislikes: probably you, the hiccups, trick ass hoes etc.
Favorite dance moves: drunk dancing. it's a move. it has to be, right? who else flails like a drunk dancer?


Dance party or beach party? wtf DANCE PARTY
Dancing or sleeping? DANCING
Vodka or kool aid... or both? hah kool aid because it makes my mouth red/kfineboth
Indie or mainstream? indie<3
iPods or stereo backpacks? ipods... mahaha stereo backpacks are almost equivelant to... rolly backpacks?
East Coast or West Coast? i wanna go east coast for college, sorry west coast.
Democrat or Republican? democrat.
Gravy Train!!!! or P. Diddy? GRAVY TRAIN!!!! YOU TURNED ME GAY!!!!


Make us laugh.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
cotton balls make me cringe. I guess thats more of a pet peeve so- i'm a photographer. i lub it.

Post 3 or more pictures of yourself (you could be dancing in one of them)

i'm on the right.

Promote this commumity in 3 different places, and post the links:
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