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electronic renaissance

Basic Information:

What is your name: Mark
How old are you? 24
Where do you live? England
What's your poison? I was quite partial to a wee dab of cocaine a while back, but right now I'm craving one of those fancy coctails my friend James bought me last time we went out, although I can't remember what it was, or where they do them. But it was blue.
How did you find this community? the_faint community
What is your sexual preferance? Uh, I guess skinny girls with black hair who dance well. I mostly fancy my friends.
What do you think of your mods? I like the picture with the freaky eyes. They look like mine.


List 10 or more of your favorite bands. Joy Division, The Faint, Patrick Wolf, Simon Bookish, Pulp, punish the Atom, Ladytron, the Postal Service, Franz Ferdinand, Pink Grease, Belle & Sebastian (but not of late).
Likes: Good books, anyone who can make me laugh, Stephen Fry, quiet but secretly interesting people.
Dislikes: Dullness; complaining; the future
Favorite dance moves: I had a friend once who had sex with this guy whilst dancing; it all sounds a bit tacky to me. I once injured someone with some kind of pointy-hipped manoeuvre, does that count? It was probably during a Pulp song.


Dance party or beach party? Dance party. Beaches are rubbish.
Dancing or sleeping? I'm quite fond of both, as it happens.
Vodka or kool aid... or both? Champagne.
Indie or mainstream? They're pretty much the same.
iPods or stereo backpacks? If Apple brought out an i-7" player, I'd get one.
East Coast or West Coast? Both coasts are rubbish in England.
Democrat or Republican? Don't you have some kind of green party? Democrats like to blow up countries just as much as Republicans; they're just marginally less evil than the monkeys in at the moment.
Gravy Train!!!! or P. Diddy? My friend snogged one of the Gravy Train!!!! dancers last time they played England. Sadly, the same can't be said of P. Diddy, so Gravy Train!!!! win.


Make us laugh. In the picture with the hat, I'm looking at my 3-foot-high friend Tuppence, who has strapped a prize marrow to his waist, giving the impression of a 3-foot-high fella with a 2-foot-long todger, although at the time of the photo I haven't realised this; hence my look of bafflement and surprise, mixed with humility and a dash of shame.
Tell us something interesting about yourself. One day, there'll be a BBC period drama about me, preferably set in Edwardian times, with Jude Law in it somewhere. I'll probably be called something different in it.
Post 3 or more pictures of yourself (you could be dancing in one of them)

Sorry, I could only find 2...

Promote this community in 3 different places, and post the links. I hate it when people do that. I'm going to go out tonight and tell the 3 best looking people I can find about this community; and maybe I'll get pictures of me telling them, which I'll post. Will that count?
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