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Electronic Renaissance

Basic Information:

What is your name: Jay
How old are you? 18
Where do you live? michigan
What's your poison? hawaiian punch
How did you find this community? boyskissing community
What is your sexual preferance? boys
What do you think of your mods? they are sexy


List 10 or more of your favorite bands.
-yeah yeah yeahs
-xiu xiu
-le tigre
-belle & sebastian
-g.g. allin
-the shins
-the beatles
-new york dolls
Likes: dancing, making movies, indie films, dr. pepper, menthol, boy shorts
Dislikes: ashlee simpson, warm beer, new jimmy eat world, leather
Favorite dance moves: the sprinkler, i love watching slutty girls in the club rub their ass against some guy who is only bobbing his head and smoking a cigaretter


Dance party or beach party? dance party
Dancing or sleeping? dancing
Vodka or kool aid... or both? both
Indie or mainstream? indie
iPods or stereo backpacks? stereo backpacks
East Coast or West Coast? east coast
Democrat or Republican? democrat
Gravy Train!!!! or P. Diddy? Gravy Train!!!! ghost boobs oh we hardly knew ye


Make us laugh.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
i have never ever ridden a horse.

Post 3 or more pictures of yourself (you could be dancing in one of them)

prom 11th grade (i don't know what i was thinking with the blonde hair):

Promote this commumity in 3 different places, and post the links.

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