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Electronic Renaissance

Basic Information:

What is your name? Ashli
How old are you? 17
Where do you live? Oregon
What's your poison? Formaldehyde and Nicotine
How did you find this community? Through a promotion on thefaint community.
What is your sexual preferance? Girls are hot, boys are cute. Havent had a serious relationship with either.
What do you think of your mods? HOT to the max, and seriously freakin awesome for making a community like this.


List 10 or more of your favorite bands.
Likes: The Faint, Ima Robot, mewithoutYou, the Cure, ACDC, Le Tigre, the Rapture, and !!!
Dislikes: Evanescense(sp), U2, the Belmonte Academy, Senses Fail, and Mars Volta..
Favorite dance moves: The ones my friend and I made up..the Flamingo in particular, I also like to do the Jitterbug.


Dance party or beach party? DANCE PARTY!
Dancing or sleeping? Dancing...come on. I hate naps with a passion.
Vodka or kool aid... or both? Vodka, I dont like being all colored, I can be a messy drinker.
Indie or mainstream? Indie
iPods or stereo backpacks? I WANT an iPod but havent experienced one..but I hate the kids with the stereos in their backpacks at school. When I have my stereo on in the pack, its always fab though, dancin to work and such puts me in a good mood.
East Coast or West Coast? East Coast
Democrat or Republican? Libertarian
Gravy Train!!!! or P. Diddy? Gravy Train


Make us laugh. is the joke I have told 50 times in the past week, it is probably only funny if I told it in person: There is a blonde, brunette, and a red head, in prison. They decide to escape, well they get outta there, but then the cops are after them. The girls see a barn and run to it, and go inside, and hide in 3 different potato sacks. The cops BUST through the doors and look around, the go over and kick the first potato sack and hear, "MEEOOOOWWWW", they kick the second sack and get a "RUFF RUFF", they move on to the last sack, and give it one hard thump and hear, "POOOO TAAAAYYY TOOOOOEEEE". BAHAHAHA.

Oh yes, and one time Mike Tyson told one of his opponents if he didnt let him win, "I'll go to your house, and eat your children."

Tell us something interesting about yourself.I have a geographical tongue.
Post 3 or more pictures of yourself (you could be dancing in one of them):
This was after winter formal recently, I just couldnt stop dancing..(im on the left)

Promote this commumity in 3 different places, and post the links.


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